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Heart Month

Heart Month

Yes, Valentines Day is in February, more importantly it is a time to check in with our Heart Health. Certainly, eating healthy, exercise and meditation are all key in helping us maintain a healthy body and a healthy heart. In addition to physically taking care of yourself, what are you doing to find inspiration, grace and love. When I refer to love I am doing it in a broad context, it can include romantic love, but it includes love of life, love of nature, of family, of friends. The most important relationship is with ourselves. Are you able to love yourself in spite of your imperfection, when looking at the people that we love in our lives we love them in spite of there faults? Are you willing to do the same for yourself?

Take a little time to assess if you are doing a good job of tending to your heart. Spend time in Nature, with people you like, breath deeply. Invite more fruits and vegetables into your diet. Spend a little time in quiet contemplation. Write, dance, draw, anything that helps your express your creative energy.

Remember your Heart is more than an amazing pump supplying your body with blood and oxygen. It is the pacemaker of your life, setting the tone of how you express yourself in the world. Learn to breath into your heart space. If its difficult, keep practicing and know that many of us have been through a lot in our lives, so be compassionate with yourself, there may be some old patterning that needs to tended to as your start expanding your heart space. This is both a physical and an energetic heart space opening.

Be Kind with yourself, Love yourself

Love life, have Fun and Celebrate all that you have overcome in your life.

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