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Our Sacred Seasons

Updated: Jun 3, 2021

Through our lives we are always exploring the Seasons of Discover, Transform, Awaken and Integrate. We refer to them as Sacred as they are all essential to our growth. It sometimes takes times of challenge in our lives to shift our focus towards our internal patterns that may have limited us in the past. We have the potential to grow every day. Looking at these seasons as Sacred, helps us to prioritize our health, healing and growth so that each day we can connect to our path and take a step towards being the person we want to be. Over a year that’s 365 steps in a new direction that can dramatically change our lives, we can live healthier lives that are congruent with our path and purpose.

Both the Network Spinal care we use, and the 12 Stages of Healing exercises help guide your nervous system through these seasons.

Discovering the patterns in your body helps you recognize how you have adapted to stresses in your past. This includes physical stress and injuries as well as mental and emotional stresses you have got through. Recognizing and connecting to those patterns is the beginning of healing and growth.

Having discovered those patterns, we begin to transform how you have been, to a more empowered, energized version of yourself. This version of yourself sees the patterns, choses to take a different approach moving forward. With enhanced awareness, you recognized the physical, emotional and mental restrictions you have developed are not necessary in this moment.

By taking action, using Network Spinal care and 12 Stages exercises, you can reclaim control, see the illusions that exist and let go of old patterns.

Letting Go allows you to more easily find inspiration, be connected to your higher self and see the big picture of life with more grace and understanding. This is Awaken. From here you can see and or feel your natural flow, this allows you to engage with the world around you with more purpose and grace.

As you move through and experience Discover, Transform and Awaken a natural dance between them begins. You bring Awaken inspiration into Discover, or Transform energy into Awaken, making it a more active state. This is the season of Integrate, where we weave together the first three seasons as we need to enhance our lives and our healing.

As we understand and work with our internal patterns the field around us shift. Bringing awareness, acknowledgement and acceptance to these patterns opens the opportunity for a win, win, win scenario where you win, the people in your life win and planet wins.

~Dr. Rob

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