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Spring, new growth, beginnings. As the days get longer, we begin to see the sights of new life emerging. Spring brings us to the East of the Medicine Wheel. Eagle teaches us to see the big picture, to see the vision of our lives unfolding. As this vision reveals itself, we seek Clarity, Knowledge and Illumination.

Spend time in mediation or prayer, get into nature. Invite yourself to sit in your heart space. From this space create a Heart centered Vision. What would you like to manifest in the next year, next decade, in your life? This is the time to cultivate a vision to take you forward. As best as you can do this without limitations, visualize everything falling into place to support your vision. Be clear with your intentions, allow intuitive knowledge to bubble up within you, feel the grace and joy that your Vision brings.

The day-to-day challenges we all face brings forth your thinking self and your emotions wake up your reactor, if the stress is too much our survivor wakes up and starts conserving energy. When the Thinker, Reactor and Survivor are active, seeing the big picture and imagining a great life is difficult. So before creating a grand vision for your life, or your next year, practice connecting to your higher self. The Praying, Meditation and time in Nature are ways to help access you heart space, your connection with the divine. If your mind keeps jumping in with doubts and limitations, add some sort of crafting, writing, drawing, sewing or wood working to your daily practice. Working with your hands gives the mind a focus and helps dissipate the energy from the thinker, reactor and survivor helping you connect to your higher self more efficiently.

This is a practice, so be gentle with yourself. If your mind keeps jumping in as you begin to access your higher self, this simply means, you are human. As you continue your practices, your mind will calm down, it will become easier to connect with your higher self. If your mind continues to be very active, put your hands on your chest or abdomen (choose the spot that feels most tense) breathe into that spot, in your nose and out of your mouth. Then speak to yourself in a nurturing and reassuring way. Say “I hear you” “I understand you” “I feel the pain” or whatever your wounded self needs to hear.

Create a Great Vision for your life

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