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An Extraordinary Life

Updated: May 25, 2021

Inherently we all choose to live an extraordinary life. Yet as we journey through our lives there are always twists and turns along the way. Some are more traumatic than others.

When this happens, our inner survivor increases its vigilance to guide us through those challenges. Often our survivor becomes hypervigilant in prioritizing safety. This leads to strategies that contain energy, limit growth and have a primary focus on just getting by. This is a low energy state, conserving energy, limiting risk yet also making it difficult to grow and thrive.

As our energy increases, we access the ability to use the fuel of our challenges to take action in our lives. We create changes and begin to move forward in our lives.

The next level up, we learn how to access an energy rich state. We experience more gratitude and love. Through our challenges we feel the gifts of learning, gaining strength and enhanced compassion.

We have limited control over the world around us, but we have full control of our own energy and how we interact with the world.

Breathing deeply, spending time in nature, being curious and practicing gratitude, all encourage a more awakened energy rich state.

Like any skill it takes practice. Be gentle with yourself, we all let our energy drop. Learn to recognize when your energy drops, notice it, be curious as to why and then take action.

Let your chest open and find out what works best for you in shifting your energy.

We are always on a journey of discovering, transforming and awakening.

  • In Discover, challenges are just that, challenges.

  • In Transform, challenges become opportunities for growth and change.

  • In Awaken, we see our challenges as gifts, that help us to be the best version or ourselves.

Learning to integrate the flow of energy is key to having an extraordinary life.

Allowing us to learn during discover, take action in transform and begin orchestrating our lives from an awaken state.

~Dr. Rob

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