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Responding to Change

Updated: Jun 1, 2021

In life we are called to respond to change, over the past year we have all been adapting to new circumstances around us. This requires a resourceful nervous system. Here at Gateway we are going through changes as Dr Josephene and Scott move out to Salmon Arm to practice.

To enhance the resourcefulness of your nervous system, it is important to challenge it regularly. Do brain teasing exercises, read, do balance exercises and challenge yourself do things outside of your comfort zone. This will enhance your Nervous System to be dynamic and resourceful.

Each time you are on the table we are also working to help your Nervous Systems resourcefulness. The contacts we make along your spine are specifically geared to help you recognize the adaptive patterns your body is in and guide it towards better motion and to begin using tension as fuel to move forward from the adapted patterns to strategies that make you more resourceful.

Take a few minutes after your next entrainment to notice the shifts happening in your body and your Nervous System.

- Dr Rob

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