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Our Council of Advisors

Updated: May 25, 2021

As we move through our days we each have 6 different internal “advisors” that influence our lives and the choices we make.

The first of these is our Survivor. Just like it sounds the goal of the Survivor is to keep us alive. Monitor our physiology and keep us close to homeostasis (keeping our systems stable).

Next comes our Reactor, this is driven by our emotional system. This advisor is set up to respond to the environment around us and create action. Our Reactor has us respond, ideally moving us towards more joy and happiness (things that sustain us) and away from things that may threaten us, or we don’t like. With the Reactor, things are black or white.

Our Thinker shows up next fuelled by the lower mind. Its job is to take care of the essentials of life, making sure all our basic needs are met. This energy wants to fit in, help with basic day to day living and not rock the boat.

These first 3 advisors are happy to contain our lives and keep us safe. Stability is the primary driver. These advisors resist growth and don’t resonate with instability. If you have been through trauma or were raised in a family of trauma survivors, these 3 advisors tend to be hyper vigilant making it difficult to grow and thrive. They typical hold the energy of “not being enough in this world.”

The next set of influencers are about expanding your impact on your life and the world.

The Optimizer is our upper mind at work, looking for the best possible way to guide your words, thoughts and actions. This often requires us stepping out of our comfort zones. Creating instability allows us the opportunity to reorganize at a higher level. This advisor is one of growth, expansion and thriving and brings out more creativity, compassion and original thinking within us.

The illuminator is our spirit/soul, leading effortlessly, it’s about love, connection and truth. Some refer to this energy as our higher self. It is the part of us that is free of our human patterns, habits and stories.

The Weaver: grace, divine plan, God, Great Spirit, universal intelligence, the energy that weaves together all of us with the animals, plants, the earth and the stars. This energy is always working to guide us, help us meet the right people and help us follow our path. The Weaver is tapped into the collective consciousness and looks for Win, Win, Win scenarios, to help us thrive as well as those around us and in harmony with the entire global community. If you are following the flow, you are trusting the Weaver. At any moment two or more of these advisors are looking to guide our lives. Begin to tune into and identify which advisors are speaking up. Once you recognize them, you can them consciously listen to the advisor that will best serve you, your family, your community and the planet. If you have suffered trauma, know your Survivor, Reactor and Thinker will tend to have a loud voice. Breathe deeply, quiet your mind and practice listening for the influence of your Optimizer, Illuminator and Weaver. With practice and attention your ability to hear all your advisors will improve as will your ability to create the life you truly desire. ~Dr Rob

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